Risk Score

App Details

Scandal is an anonymous chat room designed for users to share secrets or swap fantasies. The app is location-based, and advertises itself as a way for users to meet new people "without any restrictions" and to "find out which secrets and fantasies guys and girls from your area are talking about". The app proposes to open a whole new world to its users.

Why is it a risk?

Scandal proposes anonymous, unrestricted chat with millions of users around the world - and is therefore not a safe environment for children to explore. The site is not intended for minors, and so chat forums can be adult in nature, containing frequent and explicit refererences to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and other inappropriate topics. The site also shares users' location details and encourages private messaging, flirting, dating and casual hook ups. There is no stringent registration or verification process in order to join the app. This results in minors being able to easily access the inappropriate forums, and means that users can never be sure of the authenticity of the people they interact and share details with.
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