Risk Score

App Details

Periscope allows users to view and broadcast live videos from around the world.

Why is it a risk?

Periscope has an age restriction of 17+years on the App Store, whilst the Play Store only recommends parental guidance. Some of the dangers of this app relate to the potential content displayed to users. The App Store notes that the app contains frequent mature/suggestive themes, and infrequent or mild references to sex/nudity; alcohol, tobacco and drug use; and profanity or crude humour. Parents reporting to Net Aware have described viewing inappropriate broadcasts though the app, such as couples having sex, smoking drugs, swearing and fighting. Further, the user's location can be determined through their video stream, and whilst privacy settings can be altered it is reported that this process is not straightforward. Periscope has been featured in several news articles over the past few years for facilitating grooming and contact between paedophiles and children (express),
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