Risk Score

App Details

MeetMe is a social networking app that allows users to chat and meet new people near their current location. Profiles are automatically set up to be public.

Why is it a risk?

Meetme has a high age restriction on both the App and Play Store (17+ and PEGI 18 respectively). The App Store has flagged the app as mild for themes of sexual content/nudity, profanity and references to drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and has indicated frequent occurence of mature/suggestive themes. Whilst the app promotes a social safety service (including codes of conduct, guidance and advice, and report functions), this app is nethertheless primarily designed for adult meet ups and so can be a dangerous place for younger users. There is no form of profile information verification and all the user's content is public - and so it is relatively easy for sexual predators to pose as teenagers online in order to meet young or vulnerable people. The fact that the app also matches people by location only elevates this danger. In 2014 MeetMe was cited in 3 Californian court cases, where adult men were accused of soliciting inappropriate conduct with minors through the MeetMe network. Meetme is described by Netsanity as being one of the most dangerous apps for teenagers.
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