Risk Score

App Details

Tango allows users to make voice and video calls and have group conversations. The app allows for gaming, music and photo sharing.

Why is it a risk?

Tango has a high age rating on the App Store of 17+ years, whilst is rated as Parental Guidance through Google Play Store. According to the App Store, this app rates as frequent and intense for mature and suggestive themes. An issue with Tango is that user's profiles and location are automatically public by default and may be contacted by strangers online, although there is an option to block unwanted contacts and change privacy settings (but according to the Net Aware, only 17% of young people who reviewed Tango knew how to do this). Whilst the NSPCC has found that issues of bullying, suicide and self harm are low risk topics for children to come across whilst using the site, over half of parents who responded to the site reported seeing content containing violence and hatred, whilst 45% reported viewing sexual content (including links to pornography and adult sites) and illegal/ inappropriate content (such as alcohol use, gambing, swearing and drugs).
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