Risk Score

App Details

Grindr is a chat, dating and content exchange app for "gay, bi and curious" men. Users create dating profiles and share location information in order to find potential matches in the area. Users can connect and chat to each other, send images, arrange meetups, "favourite" certain users and block unwanted approaches. The app has an age restriction of 18+ and says that it strictly prohibits the exchange of photos depicting nudity or sex acts.

Why is it a risk?

Grindr has a particularly bad reputation as a dating website. While the app says it prohibits the exchange of images relating to sexual acts or displaying nudity, the network is flagged by the App Store as containing frequent references to mature/suggestive themes and infrequent sexual content. Not only does the app encourage users to speak and meet up with (potential) strangers, but Grindr has been mentioned in news articles highlighting the association between dating apps and a rise in certain crimes (rape, online child grooming, sextortion and even murder). Further, a recent rise in minors joining the site has resulted in several court cases where adults have been charged with sexually related offences following inappropriate meetups.
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