Golf Clash

Risk Score

App Details

A real time multi-player sports game, where users challenge Facebook friends and online players to a game of golf and banter with opponents through chat features and emojis.

Why is it a risk?

Although users are matched with random strangers from across the world in Golf Clash, the game does not support player communication or interaction beyond sending preset emojis or messages. In this sense, there is a low risk of children being approached or harrassed by strangers online. However, if a child signs up to the game using their Facebook account, their profile picture and name will be displayed - so this form of access to the game should be monitored to avoid personal details being made available to strangers. The game contains themes of gambling and in-app purchases, and players are encouraged to spend in order to obtain better equipment and advance through leaderboards. Please adjust your child's purchase restrictions through their device.
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