Angry Birds 2

Risk Score
Low - Medium

App Details

The sequel to the extremely popular Angry Birds. An app for casual play, the user selects birds to slingshot their way through levels. Players may challenge other users from across the world. The app includes links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over 13, and direct links to extenal internet sites with potential to browse any web page.

Why is it a risk?

As with any of these arcade-style games, Angry Birds 2 can potentially be addictive to users. The main risks associated with this app lie in the in-app purchasing system - you should adjust purchasing settings on your child's device in order to avoid steep charges as a result of gaming-driven spending. Angry Birds 2 has also been criticised for high levels of branding and advertising aimed towards children, including linking their own Angry Birds merchandise to the app. Further the app contains links to external social media sites, and so users are able leave the app and potentially end up on platforms that are inappropriate for younger players.
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