Vigo Video – Formerly Flipagram

Risk Score

App Details

Vigo Video, (formally Flipagram) allows a user to edit photos together in a slideshow that captures all their favorite moments. Users can apply music, filters, and effects to these short videos and then share them publicly to all platform users, or privately within their own social network.

Why is it a risk?

This app can be used in order to share and broadcast photo and video content throughout the platform, and such content can be seen (and commented on) by anyone with a profile. As such, the site has been reported as being potentially risky in relation to facilitating the searching and display of adult sexual content and inappropriate private conversations. Further, there have been numerous reports of aggression, bullying and hostility throughout platform, as strangers write harmful comments on users' video content or send abusive private messages. The platform may also display references to other inppropriate topics, such as alcohol, drugs or tobacco references. Some of these risks can be minimised by ensuring that appropriate privacy and location settings are enacted, in order to limit the oversharing of information to strangers. Yet due to the combined potential risks situated within this platform, it is advised that parents closely monitor (at a minimum) a child's activity on this app.
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