Risk Score

App Details

Twitch is a live social video platform for gaming with an unregulated chat box, and is available in app form or through a website. Users can watch live streams of their favouite games and activities; chat with other users; or create a live stream themselves. The app contains ads and in-app purchases.

Why is it a risk?

This app is based on live streaming - and live streaming can be difficult to censor on the spot. Streamers are for the most part unregulated, so children exploring on this platform are at risk of encountering offensive language, violent video games, sexual content and references to alcohol, drugs and crime. Parents are advised to check the type of channels or games that children are subscribed to or watching (some channels are known as being appropriate for all audiences, and others are not). Parents should also watch a channel for a period of time to get a feel for whether that channel's chat and atmosphere are suitable for younger viewers. Further, parents should ensure that the correct privacy settings are administered, in order to block contact from strangers.
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