Risk Score

App Details

Tumblr allows users to share text, links, audio clips, slideshows, photos, and videos. Users have the option to customise their page, send private messages and live stream.

Why is it a risk?

Tumblr has been flagged for containing inappropriate themes including: sexual content and nudity (App Store); violence and hatred; bullying, suicide and self harm (NSPCC). Some mental health experts have also stated that Tumblr can have a negative impact on adolescent's mental health as some content glorifies self harm and eating disorders. A huge concern is that Tumblr's users can fairly easily stumble across pornographic, violent and inappropriate content on the network. Further, all of the user's content (including personal info and photos) is public and freely available to view upon signup. Whilst privacy restrictions can be applied, parents have reported that this process is difficult and confusing.
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