The Game by Hot or Not

Risk Score

App Details

This app was originally a platform for users to upload their photos and have strangers comment and rate pictures based on how attractive they were. It has since evolved to become a dating app, where users go through profiles indicating if they find that user "hot or not". If two users consider each other "hot", they are considered to be matched and can enter into a private conversation. The app also contains a location based feature, so that users can see and rate only the profiles of people who are located nearby. Users can also search for each other using filters such as body type or relationship status.

Why is it a risk?

This would not be an appropriate app for a child to have on their device, given its nature as a dating app and the fact that users are primarily on the site to flirt and hold potentially inappropriate conversation. The app is rated as PEGI 18 or 17+, and users are unable to join if they enter a birthdate which indicates that they are under 18 years old - however, it is very easy to sign up with false details. It is noted that Hot or Not frequently contains mature and suggestive themes (alongside "mild" or infrequent instances of sexual content and nudity). Further, the premise of the app is to rate or categorise members according to physical appearence. This can be extremely damaging for users, and especially for those who are vulnerable to low self esteem or confidence issues.
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