Pure, the hookup app

Risk Score

App Details

Pure is a hookup app. In the developers' own words, "Pure is for when you're looking for an after-dark adventure, not a relationship". The app is based around privacy ,anonymity, and quick discreet hookups. Users upload a selfie and match with another user who appeals to them, and they then enter a chat (up to one hour long) in order to assess whether they like each other and make plans to meet up. After this hour, the conversation is automatically deleted.

Why is it a risk?

Pure is most definitely a very inappropriate app for children to have on their devices. The app is designed purely to faciliatate interaction with strangers (within a 50km radius) and to encourage users to engage in risky, adult behaviours. The app is age resticted to 17+ by the App Store and unsuprisingly is flagged as containing mature, suggestive and sexual themes, and nudity.
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