Risk Score

App Details

Path was a platform which allows users to post various forms of media such as photos, music and videos, and share it with others across the world. Users had the option to post content privately between friends or publicly to anyone.

Why is it a risk?

Path was a similar platform to Facebook. The minimum age of use was 17+, the reason being (as disclosed by the App Store) there was a mild risk of mature and suggestive themes, sexual content and nudity, unrestricted web access, and cartoon and fantasy violence. There was no friend limit on this app meaning users could add as many people as they like. According to Wikipedia, on May 28, 2015, Path announced it had been acquired for an undisclosed amount by Kakao. On September 17, 2018, Path announced its termination of the service. From October 18, 2018, existing users are no longer able to access the Path service.
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