Risk Score

App Details

Meetup is a social app designed to bring people together based on their shared interests. Users join groups which reflect their interests, careers, hobbies and more, and connect with like-minded users across the world. The app determines the user's physical location in order to recommend Meetups and groups that are close to the user, so that the user can more easily arrange to meet their acquaintances in real life.

Why is it a risk?

Meetup is rated by the App Store as 12+ for the following themes: infrequent or mild mature content; mild alcohol, tobacco and drug use references; and infrequent or mild profanity. The app provokes concern in it's intention to encourage users to meet each other. Although the app has strict community rules regarding the age restriction of meetups (18+) and rules relating to honesty and integrity, it is ultimately down to the user to ensure their own safety, and there are no guarentees as to the background or history of meetup participants.
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