Risk Score

App Details is a live video broadcasting service. Users can stream live content, chat and video chat with other users across the world, and create vlogs to attract fans and followers.

Why is it a risk?

Whilst the Play Store advises Parental Guidance in the use of this app, the App Store rates the app as 17 years+, and has noted the following themes: infrequent profanity or crude humour; frequent and intense mature/suggestive themes; infrequent or mild realistic violence; mild alcohol, drug and tobacco references. Of major concern is the fact that has recently been a topic of news articles which attend that the app faciliatates contact between sexual predators and children, and facilitates cyberbullying. Not only do users have little control over who sees their activity, but a worrying trend is developing whereby children are unwittingly sharing their location with strangers online. In August last year, a paedophile was jailed for four years after being found guilty of incting a 9 year old girl to expose herself through streaming services provided by This video was viewed by almost 300 people before being removed by police (The Independent).
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