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The world’s largest avatar-based social network, they claim, where shared experiences build deeper friendships, creativity counts, and all relationships matter.

Why is it a risk?

Whilst IMVU support the creativity of individuals and the expression of identity, the site has been reported as a hotbed of abuse and can facilitate hateful exchanges between users. Although the Play Store merely recommends parental guidance in relation to the app, the App Store has flagged the app as suitable for 17 years+ and has rated the app as frequently containing mature and suggestive themes (alongside mild references to horror and fear; alcohol, tobacco and drug use; cartoon and fantasy violence; sexual content and nudity; and profanity or crude humour). Children have reported feeling that the app is risky, and that vulnerable and unstable users can be taken advantage of. Whilst users can unblock, unfriend or report particular contacts, the app can faciliate interaction between strangers and gives users access to inappropriate content. Most commonly reported themes of encountered inappropriate content (reported by parents) includes violence, hatred, suicide, self-harm and illegal content (such as gambling, drugs and alcohol).
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