Hinge : Dating and Relationships

Risk Score

App Details

Hinge is a dating app specifically designed for meeting partners through connections between friends. The app is described as one which "introduces you to people the normal way (finally!) - through friends of friends". Users are shown friends of friends (up to three degrees away) and then are provided with a detailed description of their matches' personality. Users can set preferences (such as height, age and religion) to filter their potential matches.

Why is it a risk?

As a dating app, this app is not appropriate for children (despite the low PEGI 3 rating from the Play Store). Hinge requires that its users are aged 18 and over, but it is still simple for an underage user to join with false details. This app presents the typical dangers associated with dating apps - simply put, the app facilitates intimate conversations with strangers, may be host to predators on the look out for vulnerable users, encourages quick match ups and dialogue, and may expose child users to inappropriate adult topics.
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