YouTube Kids

Risk Score

App Details

YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube specifically designed with kids in mind - filters, user feedback and human reviews are utilised to keep video content on YouTube Kids family friendly (although this system may not be foolproof). Children can visit the site in order to search, watch and stream video content.

Why is it a risk?

YouTube Kids provides a more filtered platform for younger children to watch and stream video content. It also provides some parental control tools (such as a timer, allowing children limited access througout the day, or a parental password to stop children from conducting their own searches for content). Whilst the content available through YouTube Kids is intended to be suitable for younger audiences, the system is not foolproof and inappropriate videos occasionally evade detection throughout the filtering process and end up on the site (although these can be reported). Further, despite being targeted at youger viewers, the app contains adverts and broadcasts content from branded channels. Although safer for children than the main YouTube platform, supervision is still advised. A recent worrying trend has seen disturbing content (violence, sexual fantasy, themes of body dismorphia and disorientation) being embedded into videos aimed at children. Parents should always check the content of videos available through online platforms which host user generated material.

6.9.2019 Google fined $170 Million For Violating Kids' Privacy On YouTube, Hacker news article here.

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