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App Details

Snapchat allows the user to "live in the moment". Users send real time photos to their friends, which are designed to self destruct, or self delete after a period of time. The user can also view stories, chat, and see where their friends are located. It is important to note that despite the concept of self-deleting messages, viewers can permanently capture images and messages through screen-shot functions on their own devices. This application offers in-app purchases.

Why is it a risk?

Snapchat's "self-destructing" content feature can wrongly give users the impression that the images they share are secure and exist momentary in the online world, before they disappyear without consequence. This misunderstanding, or false sense of security, has resulted in Snapchat being named as one of the most prolific platforms in which young users exchange risky and sexualised content (such as nude photographs). Consequently, there are many reports of inappropriate images being captured through various techniques and shared beyond the original intended recepient. Snapchat also provides location tracking and if privacy settings have not been applied, the user's location is publicly available. Similarly, if privacy settings are neglected, strangers can view the user's profile.

15.2.2020 Parents warned to stop their children using YOLO app (a plug in for Snapchat) as expert describes it as 'an open door for sexual predators'. Daily Mail article here.

29.9.2019 Rise of the Playground Money Launderers, Times article (paywall) here.

14.5.2019 Metro article on the Baby filter here

How to find out what data Snapchat has on you, click here.

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