Secret Calculator Vault – hide pictures and videos

Risk Score

App Details

Secret Calculator Vault lets users hide their private photos and video content in a secret vault protected by a variety of passwords. It includes it's own camera so that individuals can create and send content directly within the app.

Why is it a risk?

Hidden vault apps, such as this one, are specifically designed to allow the user to store sensitive information and images in a covert manner. Such apps have been the subject of criticism, as it was discovered that many teenagers and children were using such apps as a way to store and send intimate content without fear of it being seen by unwanted eyes. Many of these apps receive a low age rating via the App Stores (such as 4+) yet display pictures of women in suggestive poses – hinting heavily at the type of content this app is used to store. These apps are not appropriate for children and can both encourage and facilitate deceptive behaviour in relation to sending intimate content.
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