Private Photo Album – Secret Calculator to Hide Personal Images & picture

Risk Score

App Details

This app is disguised as a calculator, and opens up a hidden vault for storing private images once the user enters a pincode followed by % on the calculator keypad. The user can create multiple albums and set different passwords for access into these albums.

Why is it a risk?

Vault apps such as this can become problematic as they facilitate the hidden storage, creation and transfer of photo and video content which may place the individual at risk. Vaults are often used to hide intimate content and pornography, and the nature of the app gallery means that image detection software is not effective in most cases. These apps are not suitable for children as parents will have no control or knowledge of the content stored within (if parents are aware that their child has one). Moreover, many of these apps are designed to allow the user to create a "decoy" account, so that in the event a parent becomes aware the child has the app and forces them to log in and show content, the child may enter the decoy password and a fake gallery is displayed.
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