Risk Score

App Details

This application encourages users to create their own short, music based videos and share them with their personal friends or post them for the world to view. This app does offer in-app purchases.

Why is it a risk?

Users posting on have their profile information set to public by default, meaning that anybody can view their content, location and contact information (although privacy restrictions are available and should be implemented). The platform is host to a diverse range of user generated content, and so there is a strong likelihood that users will come across songs containing profanity, violence, and mature themes. Moreover, some parents have reported finding pornographic content whilst browsing for videos related to dancing. Although particular search terms can be blocked, there are no further ways to filter out inappropriate content. Concern has been raised in several news articles regarding As the app is host to many young users who upload personal content featuring themselves, it has unfortunately attracted predatory individuals who use the site as a way to groom impressionable young users.
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