Risk Score

App Details

Glide is a video messaging app that allows users to review their messages before sending them and has a live stream feature.

Why is it a risk?

Glide has a PEGI 3 rating on the Play Store, and 12+ on the App Store, whilst a small sample of Net Aware app reviewers who visited Glide reported an age restriction of 17+ would be more appropriate. Saferkid rates the app as 18+ and flags the app as a high risk for behaviour relating to sexting and cyberbullying. The App Store notes that Glide may contain infrequent or mild references to the following: alcohol, tobacco or drug use; mature and suggestive themes; profanity or crude humour; sexual content and nudity. 71% of parent reviewers on Net Aware reported seeing violence and hatred online, and 64% reported content related to suicide and self harm (in one instance, a father reported content suggesting a hanging). Nearly 20% of child viewers reported feeling that the app was risky as they could be contacted by strangers, and only 11% of young reviewers knew how to change their privacy settings on the site (even worse, only 4% knew how to turn their location settings off).
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