Risk Score

App Details

This is a private messaging app which allows users to call and text secret contacts with disposable burner lines and numbers (so no evidence on phone bills). The app allows users to send messages which self-destruct after being read by the recepient, or to recall their message if they change their mind about what they sent. The app also provides a private vault for users to secure their photos and videos. Images can be uploaded from the device gallery, or can be taken in real time and stored in the private vault (rather than entering device gallery). Users can pay to upgrade, and recieve features such as a mask app (rather than the CoverMe desktop icon, the app will appear as a CMN News app).

Why is it a risk?

This app is designed to facilitate risky and anonymous conversation and content storing and exchange, and as such it is not an appropriate app for children to have. The app is deceptive in the way it is displayed on the device and so parents would most likely not be aware of exactly what is being communicated through this app, or that their child has it. The app may also lure users into a false sense of security with the functionality of anonymity and self-destructing messages, and so children in particular may feel able to send risky information or content which they believe will not carry consequences.
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