Calculator Vault – Gallery Lock

Risk Score

App Details

Calculator Vault - Gallery Lock is designed to hide pictures and videos, and lock access to particular apps. These images can be imported from the device gallery, or can be taken in real time through the app. The app appears as a functional calculator, and is opened through entering a particular passcode on the calculator keyboard (or can be accessed through fingerprint entry). The app also gives users a "Face Down" setting, so that as soon as the user sets their mobile face down the app will respond to particular commands (for example, exit the app and open another app or website).

Why is it a risk?

This type of app is known as a hidden vault app. Whilst the app itself is not inherently dangerous, the manner in which some individuals use them can put that individual at risk. These apps are commonly used to store inappropriate images and pornographic content, which can cause serious issues if that content belongs to a minor. There has been a recent outcry about these apps and the manner in which deception is designed into the app itself (standing as a calculator rather than displaying as a vault). Apple has made a move to ban these apps out of fear that children are using them to store inappropriate images and prevent a parent being able to intervene.
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